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What to Wear

Very often, my clients ask me what they should wear in their shoots. That is a very hard question to answer, for multiple reasons. First, each person and family has a different style. Some light bright colors, some like dark colors, some like neutrals, and some like a lot of glitz and glam. But, I can provide some tips and advise, from a photographers stand point, to help you pick the perfect outfits for your family.

Step One: Find your family's style. Each person may be a little different, but that doesn't mean that you can't set some guidelines and still let them pick out what they want to wear and feel comfortable in. And this is not limited to black shirt and jeans. Even a black, white and gray combination and be simple and nice while opening up a lot more options.

Step Two: Things not to do. 1. Do not wear a bright colored bra. Sometimes when the flash goes off these can show through. Also, watch the straps when wearing spaghetti straps or any clothing where their bra straps can be seen. Sometimes strapless may be the best option. 2. Check your nail polish. I cannot promise that your hands will not show in a photo. Sometimes a little touch up can go a long way. 3. Bring along makeup for touch ups. Also bring your brush and hairspray just in case! 4. Do not wear characters or large logos on clothing. It can take the focus away from your family. And 5. Do not wait until the last minute to put together your clothes. Try them on and make sure they look good on you, not just on the hanger.

Step Three: Bring a change of clothes. Or at least a shirt. For everyone. Kids are not the only ones who have accidents. Coffee and makeup can also stain a shirt right before photos. While some things I can hide or fix, some I cannot. Always best to be prepared for the worst.

And finally Step Four: Look at your home. When I say every family has a style, this shows in that home, too. Are you planning on hanging this photo in the living room? Dining room? How big will it be? Will the colors you are thinking completely clash with the decor, or accent it? You do not have to match this room exactly, but sometimes taking this into consideration can change your mind.

Scroll through the photos below of some different outfit combinations I found online. Hopefully they can help guide you down the right path to picking out the perfect outfits for your family photos. And always feel free to reach out to me with ANY questions or concerns you may have. I am always here to help in any way I can!

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