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Shari has had a camera in her hands her whole life. She went to Virginia Commonwealth University where she received a BFA in Photography. She worked for a few different photography companies over the years, but found her niche in photographing children. Nothing makes her happier than seeing their smiling faces.

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The Story Behind the Name..........


The name Cherie is a family name. When Herman Fink, Grandfather of Shari, started his own business, he named it Cherie Brassiere. He loved that company, but not as much as he loved his granddaughters. When he passed, he left a lot behind. But nothing came close to the love they would carry with them forever. When it came time to name the photography business that was growing so well, it seemed obvious what the name should be. If he were here with us today, he would be the number one fan and supporter, as well as model and comic relief on tough days. Parts of his business are still seen around the office and studio as a reminder of what can be accomplished with hard work, determination, love and support. 

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