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What is Boutique Photography?

A Boutique Photography Studio is one that focuses on creating unique and custom portraiture. With a boutique studio there is no set of predefined looks that the photographer uses. Each work is tailored to the personality of the subject.
How does your studio differ from the ones in the mall?

The mall operators usually don’t hire “photographers” they hire “photography technicians” that are trained to take pictures using the companies predefined setups and looks. While they can do great work, if you are looking for portraiture that will show who you are, then a boutique photography studio like Cherie Photography is your best option. We are run by a professional photographer with many years of training and experience.
Why is there a studio fee?

The studio fee covers time worked. It is for studio time, uploading, editing, printing and all other work that goes into making a perfect final product. 
Why is a newborn session more expensive?

Newborns are different than babies. They require different love and attention. There is also so much more that you can create around them. I cherish every moment I spend with these angels and can't wait for the opportunity to meet more.
Do you do Boudoir Photography?

Yes we do. If you would like more information about this, please send us an email.
Do You do Retouching?

While minor retouching is included in our photoshoots, we do offer more extensive retouching for an additional fee if this is something you would like. We try to make sure that our photos are as realistic as possible, but understand that there are certain things we would all like to "erase". Please let us know before the shoot if there is something specific you need. 
How early should I book my Newborn Session?

A Newborn Session can take a lot longer than any other session. We need to make sure to set enough time aside to accomplish everything we would like to within the session. It is usually best to photograph a newborn within the first 2 weeks of life. We understand that there is a lot going on, but this is when they are calmest and most pose-able. We also know that it is usually hard to predict exactly when they will be ready to join us in this world. If for any reason you need to change this appointment after it is made, we will do so at no additional cost and try to accommodate you as best as we can.
Do you have a studio I can come to?

We are currently working on finding the perfect location for our studio. I the meantime, we have all of the equipment necessary to set up a studio anywhere you would like. We can email you samples of all of our current backdrops and bring your selections the day of the shoot.